Royal Teenpatti – RTP

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Royal Teenpatti – RTP

Play Teen patti, Andar Bahar, poker and 3 patti variations like
Joker, Triplets, Pot Blind, Hukum, Muflis on Royal Teen patti.

Why download this app?

* Best 3 patti app with live players

* Play new Teen Patti game variant with Andar bahar poker

* Join a table quickly – zero wait time & also switch tables

* Private tables with invite friends feature

* NEW Chat Options: Private Chat & Group Chat

* Watch Table Options

Royal Games brings you the best Teen Patti app.
You can call it Straight Flush, Teen Patti, Tin Patti, 3 Patti, Teen
Patti or 3 Pati.

With this app you will experience faster and more exciting Teen Patti
games as well as Poker and Andar Bahar!

Royal Games brings you the best teen patti games app.
Compared to other Tin Patti apps, this app experience will beat all
other apps for 3 patti.

Apart from this, Royal also offers 3 exclusive Pati variations.

Download the Teen Patti game now.
The game of 3 Patti, also known as Indian Poker, is now even easier
to play because Royal Teen Patti offers it in your most personal space – your mobile phone.

Get involved with anyone you like – from family and friends to
millions of Teenpatti lovers around the world.

The app’s brilliantly designed interface brings you realistic dealers
and tables.

You can choose from a range of dealers, and you can switch dealers
during an ongoing game.

If you’re feeling generous; you can also tip the dealer, watch her,

Come to the table anytime and find your daily bonus chips, plus you
can earn even more chips by referring friends to play the app.

We bring you the best features available.
So download Teen Patti Game now.
But this 3 patti new online game does not involve real money nor the
chance to win real money or prizes.

Practice or success at social games does not imply future success at
real money gambling/3 patti games.

In addition to Teen Patti, we also provide players with the option to
play Poker and Andar Bahar.

How to Play 3 Patty: The player with the highest card wins.
The following is the ranking of tin patti from high to low.

1. Trail or Set (three of the same rank)

2. Pure sequence (straight flush or straight)

3. Sequence (straight or normal run)

4. Color (straight flush)

5. Pair (two cards of the same rank)

6. High Card

Tin Patti Game Mode:

Limit (Classic): Once the pot limit is reached, the player with the
highest card wins the game.

Poker: Players can now play the world-famous poker variant, Texas
Hold’em, with a new table design.

The player will be dealt 2 cards which he/she needs to match with the
dealer position of the other 5 cards on the table.

The player with the highest 5 card points wins the game.

Muflis: In this Teen Patti variation, instead of the highest card,
it’s the lowest card.

Hukum: In this 3 patti version, a card of any value will be declared
a king at the beginning, and if the player owns the card, it can be considered a king.

Joker: In this Teenpatti version, 3 cards are dealt, one of which is
the King.

Tin Patti Variation – Available only in this game:

Pot Blinds: Each player will be dealt three cards.
Players do not see cards until showdown occurs.
Once the table pot limit is reached, the cards are revealed to all
players and the winner is declared based on their hand rank.

Millionaire: After all players have bet, the player with the highest
card wins the game.

Triads In this 3 pati variation, all players are dealt 3 cards.

Three cards will be a triple hand ranking.
The player with the highest three in a row wins.

CONTACT US: To report any usage issues or to share feedback and tell
us how we can improve, please write to

Hello Friends Welcome to Teen Patti Download. Today your Brother
has brought Great Online Card Game very much by playing which today every person of India is earning cash of
thousands of Rupees so why not you?

How To Download Rummy
Noble ?

To Rummy Noble Download , click on Rummy
 App Link, now the browser will open in front of you and you can
Rummy Noble App Download by touching on the Download Button

How To
Create Account In Rummy Noble ?

You should download and open Rummy Noble, your
Guest Account will be created automatically. To register your mobile number, you will have the
Option of Profile on the right side, click on it. You have to enter your
Mobile Number, New Password then Confirm Password and then click on Send OTP. An OTP Code will come on your
phone number and register your Rummy Noble account by entering it.

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How To Add Money in
Rummy Noble App?

⇒ Click on your balance.
⇒ Now choose the amount you want to deposit.
⇒ Enter your name, email address and mobile number.
⇒ Choose a payment amount and complete the payment.
⇒ The amount will be added to your wallet immediately.

How To
Withdraw Money in Rummy Noble Card Game ?

To get you Teen
Patti Master
Cash Out, click on the Withdrawal option below
on the right side. By entering the amount you want to cash out, you have to enter Bank Details and Email ID
below and click on Save. Now select Amount and click on Withdraw.

How To Bind Bank
Account In Teenpatti Rumble

⇒ First of all click on Withdraw option.
⇒ Then click on Bank Account.
⇒ Then enter your Bank Account Number, User Name, IFSC Code, Select Bank Name and
Enter your Email Id.

⇒ After that click on Save.

How To Bind Bank
Account In Teenpatti Rumble

⇒ First of all click on Withdraw option.
⇒ Then click on Chips To UPI.
⇒ Then enter your User Name And UPI Address.
⇒ After that click on Save.

How To Refer And Earn
In Teen Patti Rumble Game ?

Friends, this is the best way for you to earn money in Rumble Teen
you do not even need to play the game in this. You can earn thousands of Rupees by
sharing your Teen Patti Rumble Apk link. Come on friends, let me inform you about how to
refer in Teen Patti Rumble Real Cash Game. In Teen Patti
Rumble Apps,
click on Agent will be written below on the left side. You will get the option of
Copy Link on the right side, copy Teen Patti Rumble Refer Link.

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Rainbow Rummy Weekly
Bonus !

Friends, Weekly Bonus is also available in Rainbow
 Bonus. If you earn 1000 to 3000 Rupees in a week through Refer and
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week, in the same way you will get more Weekly Bonus. You can see in this list below that how much extra
bonus is available for earning how many rupees in the week.

51 bonus rummy
How to Get Weekly
Bonus (Chart)


1000 To  3000 Get 500
3001 To  5000 Get 1000
5001 To  8000 Get 3000
8001 To  10,000 Get 6000
10,001 To  15,000 Get 10,000
15,001 To  20,000 Get 15,000
20,001 To  30,000 Get 20,000
30,001 To  50,000 Get 30,000
50,001 To  80,000 Get 60,000
80,001 To  1,00,000 Get 1,00,000
1,00,001 To  9,99,999 2,00,000

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